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Putin repeating Santayana?

[ Charles Cameron — no further comment ]

5 Responses to “Putin repeating Santayana?”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:


  2. Madhu Says:

    Oh Ha Ha! Remember when I joked that “young ones” or Millenials would learn to use invisible ink on paper and blink out Morse code with their eyelids?
    The trendier artier young ones around me are sometimes not that interested in the internet: it’s vinyl, radio, anything paper. The phones they can’t live without so maybe I’m going a little too far. But seriously, social media? Meh.
    An interesting niche culture develops. (Had the best twenties vintage typewriter but it got thrown out in a mix up between me and a family member. Grrr….)

  3. Madhu Says:

    Seriously, though, in the “everything opposite” culture of trying to differentiate yourself someone is going to go there, paperwise.
    Chris Ware anyone? Isn’t there an old-timey radio show done by trendy young actors in LA? Semi-serious. The story is that a couple of writers heard some old-timey radio and it was so outside their experience the guys thought it was something incredibly radical and new and decided to recreate it. Were surprised when they found out the show that interested them was from the 30’s.
    Oh, wait, that’s pod cast but it doesn’t have to be….. 

  4. Grurray Says:

    Madhu,  Voltaire once said,
    history doesn’t change, but what we want from it does.
    Feeling overwhelmed and even betrayed by the modern world, it makes sense that people would try to seize the past in order to extract meaning to understand the present on their own terms.
    Now they’re saying that its a healthy exercise
    On the other hand there’s also the risk though of misunderstanding the purpose and longing for something that will never come back 
    or longing for something that never really existed in the first place


  5. Grurray Says:

    The healthy exercise of nostalgia that is:

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