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Pardon Our Dust

This site has not “officially” started yet so, if you are a regular reader and you are here by invitation or by accident, there’s a lot of “rough edges” and unfinished business at present. Much work still needs to be done but feel free to look around.

4 Responses to “Pardon Our Dust”

  1. Lisa Schwartz Says:

    Uh…I beg to differ…I don’t agree that “much” work needs to be done. I think that things are looking pretty good!

    The Blog Designer

  2. Zenpundit Says:

    The email response has been overwhelmingly positive. here’s a money quote:

    “Tell Lisa “FABulous” new site!! Finally, your blog doesn’t look like a 1st-gen jalopy that has had various innovations welded onto it as they’ve arrived! :-)”

  3. Eddie Says:

    Looks great, seems to load faster and is far more organized and coherent than the old design. Props are due to both the blogger and the blog designer!

  4. Zenpundit Says:

    Thanks Eddie !

    Yeah, I’d heard that ppl were having loading problems recently ( last month or so) which I think was a combination of a script error in an app I put into a post affecting internet explorer specifically and the large graphics I was using ( Mrs. Z is on an anti-big image jihad)

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