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Housekeeping Note

Just FYI, I am far from finished with the dynamic blogroll, the master blogroll and various pages, some of which are hidden from view at present. The new site will continue to evolve in the coming weeks, based in part upon the many suggestions received from readers in the last few days, for which I am obliged.

Small request: If you are experiencing difficulty viewing ZP on the extreme left in less than full-screen and are using Firefox – emailing a screenshot would be much appreciated by me and may help Mrs. Z rectify the problem ( we’ve tried it on four different computers here and the problem is just not coming up; it may possibly be a script error but seeing the problem will help her diagnose it).

3 Responses to “Housekeeping Note”

  1. Steve Schippert Says:

    She looks god from Hill 437, Z.  Firefox likes it quite a bit here.  Nice work & Nice look.


  2. JoseAngel from Monterrey Says:

    Hi, your website is great. I am usual reader at chicagoboyz and I enjoy your contributions there very much. I’ve just bookmarked your blog.FYI, I use a macbook and it looks very nice and complete in Safari 3.0.4.

  3. zen Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Much thanks – your site looks fantastic as well! Great launch!

    Hi JoseAngel,

    Welcome!  And thanks! I’ve seen you at CB frequently as well and look forward to having your comments here in the future.

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