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Err…Uh…Hat Tip To…Umm… William Lind ?!

One result of Dr. Chet Richards converting Defense & The National Interest to DNI Blog is that I get to be the first blogger to award a coveted ” Hat Tip” to the notoriously technophobic, pipe-smoking, “Father of Fourth Generation Warfare”, William Lind ,for pointing to the new book Global Insurgency and the Future of Armed Conflict: Debating Fourth-Generation Warfare .

Read William Lind’s review here.

3 Responses to “Err…Uh…Hat Tip To…Umm… William Lind ?!”

  1. A.E. Says:

    How I wish Lind would blog…

  2. Arherring Says:

    He himself may not respond but at least now with the DNIblog there at least is the opportunity for commentary discussion and trackback. That’s close enough to resembling progress for me.

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