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Update: Science, Strategy and War Symposium

Today I realized that while I decided this in concert with some of the participants it was not all of the participants, nor did I ever send out an email. At least as far as I recall. OTOH, I don’t think anyone will object to this either:

The symposium on Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd by Colonel Frans Osinga, PhD, to be held at Chicago Boyz will take place the week of February 1st and not, as originally scheduled, this week. My apologies to any whose schedule may have been disrupted.

There will be more timely announcements and email prior to the new start date.

5 Responses to “Update: Science, Strategy and War Symposium”

  1. Lex Says:

    I had better start reading it.    It looks very dense.

  2. zen Says:

    I need to get a move on now as well. Want it half finished ( with notes) by the end of Xmas break.

  3. Jim Says:

    I got myself a copy for Christmas and this symposium gives me the motivation to give it the attention it deserves. I’ll look out for further details in due course.

  4. deichmans Says:

    Zen, Wasn’t the week of Feb. 1st the plan all along?  Somehow my Treo made the connection with your future-tense synaptic firings… 🙂

  5. A.E. Says:

    My copy is still on its way, but I’m looking forward to it!

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