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Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto is dead at the hands of a suicidal-assassin.

Responsibility has not yet been claimed but suspicion for Bhutto’s death will swiftly be put at the door of Islamist elements within the Pakistani military, particularly the ISI.  In my humble opinion, cooperation between agents of ISI and al Qaida-Taliban terrorists in assassinating Bhutto should not be ruled out.

Bhutto was neither as democratic nor as pro-American as her P.R. in the MSM implied and her party’s endemic addiction to corruption helped bring the military to power on numerous occasions in Pakistan’s history. That being said, the death of Benazir Bhutto is a significant destabilizer for a nuclear club nation that perpetually teeters on the brink of state failure.


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10 Responses to “Assassinated!”

  1. Jay@Soob Says:

    "Bhutto was neither as democratic nor as pro-American as her P.R. in the MSM implied and her party’s endemic addiction to corruption helped bring the military to power on numerous occasions in Pakistan’s history."

    She certainly had courage but some of the reports I’ve been reading would have you thinking Mother Theresa had died again!

  2. NYkrinDC Says:


    Agreed. Bhutto’s checkered past has been well documented. I suspect part of the reason for this phenomenon has to do with that old practice of not speaking ill of the dead.


    I agree with you to a point that ISI or some rogue elements may have had something to do with this. Indeed, Bhutto complained at length of the "sham" investigation following the October attacks on her. Still, whether ISI or rogues had anything to do with this will not matter as a substantial number of Pakistanis, including Nawaz Sharif are already laying the blame at the feet of Musharraf.

  3. Lex Says:

    In twenty years will people be asking how we could have been so stupid, getting bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, when "obviously" the disaster that was about to happen was in Pakistan?

  4. Jay@Soob Says:

    Maybe, but I wouldn’t count the Paki military out quite yet.

  5. zen Says:

    Pakistan is an Army with a State – and it’s neither a very good army nor a very good state.

  6. Jose Angel de Monterrey Says:

    Bhutto´s record on past governments may not have been the best. However, the fact that she came back despite death threats and that she also spoke openly against the terrorists and fundamentalist tell us some different about what she intended to do had she won the elections.Corruption is not a problem poor and unstable societies care much for, when confronted with violent terrorism and fundamentalism on one side, and with a dictatorship on the other.I somehow suspect the United States was hopeful, very hopeful she would win the elections, and this comes a huge set back for American interests in the region.

  7. Adrian Says:

    An Army with a State indeed:
    I … ?
    Throw in Baluchistan there somewhere, you get Pakistan out of it somehow.

    I think the key question is whether her supporters hate Musharraf enough to side with Sharif, or whether someone is able to succeed her out of her own party – maybe her husband?

  8. zen Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Bhutto’s husband, whose name escapes me, is part of Pakistan’s massive corruption problem. So was Sharif, if I recall correctly.

  9. Dan Mcintosh Says:

    A few questions and observations:

    Bhutto was shot in the same park where Pakistan’s first prime minister, Nawabzda Liaquat, was assassinated in October 1951. Was that intended to serve as a message, or was this just the most convenient place to strike?

    The assassin shot her, and then blew himself up. Is that a normal pattern for Rawalpindi (a city with over 50 suicide bombers last year, as I recall)? If he had already succeeded, why would he blow himself up? Just to avoid questioning? It doesn’t feel right.

    Let me get this straight: a dangerous city, an obvious target, and a lone assassin who dies before he can reveal anything on interest. The conspiracy theorists–and Pakistan is loaded with conspiracy theorists–are going to have a field day.

    No conclusions. Just thinking out loud.

  10. Jay@Soob Says:

    Indeed, Sharif was deposed by Musharraff easily due to his corruption.
    That aside reason very popularly takes a backseat to fervor in times like these. As far as popular support goes (especially in light of the latest developments) my money’s on Sharif. As far as actual control of Pakistan is concerned if the military doesn’t step in with a coup I’d be surprised, especially given Sharif’s latest announcement boycotting the January elections.

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