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Sunday surprise: Vivaldi to Van Halen

[ by Charles Cameron — I found this little not-so-random walk educational ]

1. Tina S plays Vivaldi:

2. Joshua Bell plays Vivaldi:

3. Tina S plays Van Halen:


Tina S was fourteen when her two video clips were made.

There are things I’d like to post, that I don’t post at Zenpundit because I don’t want to take it too far afield, and I don’t post elsewhere because Zenpundit is where I post — so I’ve decided to post at least some of those things here on Sundays as “Sunday surprises”. I hope Sundays will give some of you a little extra time to listen, watch or contemplate… and that some of these offerings will be to your respective and varied tastes…

3 Responses to “Sunday surprise: Vivaldi to Van Halen”

  1. Scott Says:

    I was waiting for the last video to be Josh Bell playing Van Halen!

  2. Cata Says:

    Tina’s rendition of Vivaldi is absolutely incredible.

  3. Grurray Says:

    That’s funny how nonchalant and bored she looked playing the Van Halen song. 
    Ho hum, another boring warm up her teacher makes her play in between baroque masterpieces. 

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