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Kendzior’s Function

[ by Charles Cameron — yet another example of my funky approach to pattern seeking ]

Following in the footsteps of St Matthew and Lord Chief Justice Hewart, and like all arts and humanities folk aching desperately for the credibility a dusting of math and sciences might give me, I’ve claimed two functions as my own:

Sarah Kendzior‘s piece Snowden and the paranoid state posted on Al Jazzera a week ago includes what I can only term the plain text formulation (upper panel, below) of Kendzior’s Function (lower panel, below):


Last time I posted here about my two alleged functions, various ZP readers had entertaining times sharpening my wits — this time my question would be: is Kendzior’s function the same as either (or both) of mine, and if so, can you suggest / show me / prove it / QED?

5 Responses to “Kendzior’s Function”

  1. Critt Jarvis Says:

    Hmmm… A function where x takes on a life of its own.

  2. Grurray Says:

    I don’t think so
    Cameron’s function is f(x) = x + x’
    Kendzior’s isn’t exactly a  function but is actually an equality: f(x) = f(x’)

    Kendzior’s condtion is a breakdown due to low asabiyya
    yours is validation by unmistakable blessing & virtue
    to put it context she might use:
    in the words of Seaman Bodine of the US Destroyer John E. Baddass,
    ‘Yeah, what we need isn’t right reasons, but just that grace. The physical grace to keep it working. Courage, brains, sure, OK, but without that grace? Forget it’

  3. Charles Cameron Says:

    I have to say, I futzed around a bit on this one — at one time, I was calling the post “Kendzior’s Corollary” — and I marked the post “humor” and mentioned by way of cover that I was “aching desperately for the credibility a dusting of math and sciences might give me”. I suppose Grurray is right (thx!) and I’m wrong, it’s Kendzior’s equality
    But the real point I’m trying to make behind my facade of mathematical appearances is that she’s touching on one instance of a significant wider pattern.  And I think St Matthew and Lord Chief Justice Hewart are each doing the same. I’d just like us to have those patterns up our sleeve, so that when the occasion serves, we use them…
    Otherwise, I’m reasonably humble about the ocean of ignorance that surrounds my archipelago of knowledges … so please continue to educate me in the niceties that would set my nasties straight.  

  4. Charles Cameron Says:

    FWIW, FTW:

  5. Grurray Says:

    Thanks Charles. I’ll keep the patterns in mind when I’m knee deep in the figures.
    One thing though I now realize from your last comment – it should be more like Kendzior’s Inequality.
    The suspicion is worse than the surveillance.
    Like the cover-up is worse than the crime.
    That’s what makes it all so troubling. 

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