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A Framework For Strategic Cultural Analysis -PPT

DNI has an excellent link to a powerpoint from a British military institution ( Defence Academy). The early slides, however poorly constructed from a visual standpoint, have conceptual density. And Dr. Marc Tyrell of The Small Wars Council gets a special mention in it to boot.

A Framework for Strategic Cultural Analysis

They are trying to build a new analytical paradigm here and they get many elements right, in my view.

2 Responses to “A Framework For Strategic Cultural Analysis -PPT”

  1. jeffrey Says:

    Nice find, Mark. While there are too many references packed into each slide (prior to the final illustrations which are terrific), it’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in the ongoing effort by the DoD towards recognizing cross-cultural implications in training effectiveness and doing something about it.

  2. zen Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Agreed. Best to think of it less as a PPT than as a collection of bullet pointed info summary – except the last few slides which are markedly better. Obviously more than one guy designing

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