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Is Twitter Dead ?

Anyone else having bizarre problems with the log in ?

On a related Web 2.0 note, I just joined Socialmedian where I have just created a news network for “COIN and 4GW” for any readers who are interested in signing up and helping me build that network. Socialmedian needs some time to crawl for potential feeds ( though several obviously come to mind).

3 Responses to “Is Twitter Dead ?”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Twitter seems to be working at its website and via Twhirl, but you know that can end in the next 5 minutes, and then be back to normal in 10.

  2. selil Says:

    Twitter "Web Edition" is working fine here. Missed you last few days though.

  3. zen Says:

    Nope, still can’t log in. When I try I get what looks to be the html for the account for the twitter.zenpundit.com RSS feed  but no actual posts
    Have to look up twhirl and web edition….

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