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I have a decent cell phone that doesn’t involve a switchboard operator named Mabel. Nice to be connected now everywhere.

3 Responses to “Finally”

  1. chirol Says:

    Yeah, blackberry’s are the best out there. Forget the iPhone nonsense. Congrats on the new phone!

  2. Mithras Says:

    I’ve used Palm OS devices for about ten years, so it’s hard to switch, but I am contemplating the same phone (on Verizon). I’m curious to know if you encounter anything you love/hate about it.

  3. zen Says:

    Right now I’m hating T-Mobile customer service. I have a corruption issue with the software ( hardware is good) and Mrs. Zen just downloaded the 4.5 version of the software released today for her Blackberry, on the advice of customer service, and it just wiped out her phone’s operating system. Then it took customer service 45 minutes to tell to her to take the phones back to the store. They’ll give us new ones but it’s an inconvenience and the boneheadedness involved here was staggering.
    They just bounced back our complaint email too. Nice. I can see where this evening will be headed for me 🙂
    That said, when the Blackberry was working right it was very cool. I also played with a friend’s just off the shelf G1. Fun, but more of a visual-music-iPodish toy – don’t want to be sexist but G1 could stand for "Girl’s Phone" from the overall look & functionality.

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