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An interesting pattern I’ll call Piggy in the Middle

[ by Charles Cameron — on the travails of negotiators & peacemakers ]

I’m thinking of the simple, three-player version of the children’s game called Piggy in the Middle. Two plays face each other and toss a ball back and forth, while a third player standing between them attempts to intercept the ball in passing. In the case below (upper panel), Phillip Smyth is “piggy in the middle”.

I’m suggesting there’s a pattern here that’s worth watching for. Bill Keller, opining in the NYT under the title Iran’s Hardliners, and Ours (lower panel, above), thinks that if you’re piggy in the middle, “you’ve probably done something right.”

That’s a thought that might have comforted my childhood, though I don’t think it’s true in an “always applicable” sense. I do think it suggests that both sides in a fierce argument may often have something to be said for them, and that a skillful negotiator will be one who can “hear the truth” in both sides and winnow them out of the turmoil as the basis for a rapprochement

And BTW, it’s clearly a lot more work being “piggy in the middle” that either of the two other players — for one thing, you’re constantly forced to spin around to catch a ball you just missed, as it whistles by in the opposite direction to the one it was going in when you just missed it. Blessed are the peacemakers.


Wikipedia’s entry on Piggy in the Middle is titled Keep Away. As of this writing, it contains what is undoubtedly my current favorite comment on any game in the entire literature of play up to this point in time:

The game has a worldwide use of playing; mostly in many countries.

That’s good to know, and or maybe not.

2 Responses to “An interesting pattern I’ll call Piggy in the Middle”

  1. larrydunbar Says:

    But if they are playing keep away, why is the piggy in the middle trying to catch “it”? Oh that’s right it is a war of terror, and the poor little piggy is terrified. I know it’s enough for me to go wee wee all the way home.

  2. Grurray Says:

    Or the pig, due to its voracious appetite, is kept from the ball because once it gets it the game is over.

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