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Not Feeling It….

Have a couple of good posts in the works but I completely lack the wherewithal to blog tonight or to do anything at that is blog-related.

Taking the night off.

5 Responses to “Not Feeling It….”

  1. Lexington Green Says:

    Dude if you don’t produce the product, those big fat checks will stop rolling in.

    Oh, wait a minute … .

  2. zen Says:
    Exactly. 🙂
  3. Dan from Madison Says:

    Taxes, eh?  Finally got mine done.

  4. Dan from Madison Says:

    Off the non-topic, the time stamps on your comments are a bit crazy unless you are blogging from the Azores.

  5. zen Says:

    Ha! Yeah, it is messed up ( or I am at an "undisclosed location")

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