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For those interested in .mil theory…..

First, SWJ Blog reported today that the old, now defunct, DNI site of Dr. Chet Richards is being preserved as an online archive:

DNI alive again. Sort of…

Thanks, Mandy, for the info and for your role in bringing DNI back to a state of suspended animation.

DNI had a ten year run, closing its doors at http://d-n-i.net last November. There’s a site of loosely the same title there now, but it’s not the same site.

The Project on Government Oversight was involved with the start up of DNI, and is behind its Lazarus reincarnation. No new content is being posted, but the archives are alive again now for those who want to explore them. The new site is http://dnipogo.org/

In a recent email exchange, Dr. Richards indicated to me that he wanted everyone to be aware that he no longer owns or controls the old domain name for DNI which has been purchased by an unrelated company; those interested in the treasure trove of DNI articles on strategy, John Boyd, military affairs, 4GW or other concepts should go to the Project on Government Oversight page indicated above. Chet, by the way, can be found blogging at Fast Transients and his post follows:

DNI Relaunches

Defense and the National Interest, the real one, not the faux site now at d-n-i.net, has relaunched courtesy of our friends at the Project on Government Oversight (POGO).

For the time being, it’s an archive – new content isn’t being added – and we’re still in the process of tracking down some of the original files.  Please let POGO know when you find broken links.

When DNI launched in 1999 it was unique:  The only site devoted to furthering the concepts originated by the late USAF Col John Boyd, and its original mission was to house Chuck Spinney’s commentary that applied Boyd’s strategy, and his own insightful analysis, to issues concerning national security.  Today, there are any number of sites that provide cutting edge commentary, including zenpundit, John Robb, Tom Barnett, and Fabius Maximus.  Please visit them and contribute.

POGO’s press release announcing the reposting of DNI follows after the fold…..

Secondly, in a more esoteric vein, those interested in 5GW can reference this resource put together by Curtis Gale Weeks that contains about 95% of what has ever been written on the subject of “Fifth Generation Warfare” by a wide variety of authors including TX Hammes, John Robb, Thomas PM Barnett, William Lind and many others ( hat tip to Dr. Dan  Dr. tdaxp, who has edited the soon to be released by Nimble Books,  The Handbook of 5GW ):

5GW Theory Timeline

4 Responses to “Announcements…”

  1. Norwegian Shooter Says:

    I’m a neophyte when it comes to this stuff, and I have a question: How much stock do you put in William Lind’s current writings? I’ve read some of his stuff on The American Conservative, and on xth GW, it’s mostly nonsense.

  2. zen Says:

    hi Shooter,
    It depends what Lind is writing about and how polemical he is choosing to be. I’ve read very sage observations from him on state militaries mishandling moral/political/psychological level of conflict with insurgent and terrorist opponents that were well ahead of contemporary COIN discussions. Lind also writes bombastic things that are not entirely serious or go off into strictly political cultural criticisms that are not really germane to military strategy.
    On 5GW, to me "5GW" is whatever strategy/tactics that reliably defeats 4GW type entities and we do not yet know what that is, not having defeated enough such entities ( or by strict standards, perhaps any). So the whole subject is highly speculative theorizing.

  3. tdaxp Says:

    zen… Dr. tdaxp, I like that 😉

  4. zen Says:

    Then Dr. tdaxp it shall be…..

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