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A brief fugue on the graphics of coexistence

by Charles Cameron
[ cross-posted from ChicagoBoyz ]

A great many people will have seen (or designed) some variant of the “coexist” bumper-sticker / tee-shirt design:


— the first of which can be found on acsapple‘s photobucket — and hey, the “aum” sign for “oe” is a brilliant bit of graphic substitution! – while I nabbed the second here.

What with a thousand flowers blooming, the importance of preserving memetic variations, peaceful coexistence and all, it’s only natural that some will have different takes on the matter —

coexist variants

— the first of these comes from the blog of a gun-toting political refugee from the People’s Progressive Republic of Massachusetts, while the second is a tee-shirt design by Matt Lussier, and you can get your tee-shirt here


As for myself, I have fond memories of India, and was accordingly heartened to see this on an Indian Muslim site

india calling-religious unity

which is what set me thinking about “coexistence” graphics in the first place.


Did I ever tell you about the sign I saw over a shop in Delhi, advertising the sale of mythelated spirits?

I frequently feel just a tad mythelated myself.

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  1. "Historical Smack Down" | T. Greer - The Scholar's Stage Says:

    And here is the Randian version of the sign….

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