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A DoubleQuote for InfoCult

[ by Charles Cameron, cross-posted from Infocult ]

InfoCult is my friend Bryan Alexander‘s fine blog, with a house specialty of the gothic in everyday life and media.  I put this DoubleQuote together for Bryan as a sort of Addams Family greeting for Christmas:

two Christmas quotes about hell fire and vampires

4 Responses to “A DoubleQuote for InfoCult”

  1. zen Says:

    Note: Infocult is now added to the ZP blogroll, which always has room for a man with a giant beard (barring Saruman, Osama bin Laden and Bluebeard the Pirate)

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Excellent.  Watch out, though — Bryan may bring Rasputin…

  3. Bryan Alexander Says:

    Thank you for the blogrolling, Zen+Charles.  I wave my favorite ax at you – in a friendly way.

  4. zen Says:

    I wave my Imperial Japanese Army kyu gun-to in return!

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