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Teenage Mutant Jihadi Turtles

[ by Charles Cameron — jihadist pop ]


You’ve no doubt seen the reports of a Jihadist animation movie nearing completion, at DangerRoom if not on Jihadica:


It seems like a logical development to me — we’ve already seen that you can get bin Laden DVDs:


And Hezbollah even produces its own video games:


What else?

Will McCants suggested “Now they just need some action figures” in his blog post — action figures! — but then he saw the new Inspire magazine, #6, and tweeted, “New Awlaqi action figure in Inspire looks like the Jewel in Jewel of the Nile” — with a link to a nice image — so that part’s taken care of…

So okay, back to the cartoon — here’s the next big question — what does this remind you of?


And I just have to admit — they remind me of this:


That’s what the jihadists in the cartoon are — mutant teenage turtles.

So sorry…

One Response to “Teenage Mutant Jihadi Turtles”

  1. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    It reminds me of G.I. Joe.  Although admittedly, on a purely visual level, the picture reminds me more of Cobra than the Joes.
    Still, America was way ahead of the game.  Action figures came out in early 60s but cartoon came out 1985.  No doubt there are those who might play up the shock feature in seeing "Jihadist Joes", but it’s not so odd a concept.  Wonder how the Soviets & other saw G.I. Joes….?

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