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Comparative safety: NSA and Burma

[ by Charles Cameron — clear proof that blasphemy is more provocative than ironic protest ]

It is apparently safer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation to put headphones on the US bald eagle as featured in the seal of the National Security Agency

SPEC DQ Buddha earphones

… than it is for a Kiwi bar-keeper to put headphones on the Buddha while advertising an event at his bar in Rangoon, Burma.

A little something to chew on.


It seems plausible that the Buddha, had he wished to wear headphones, would have chosen the noise-canceling kind.

4 Responses to “Comparative safety: NSA and Burma”

  1. Grurray Says:

    What’s the old saying – if you meet the Buddha on the road, muffle his ears

  2. Madhu Says:

    Hmm, I wanted to post something under the review of Warrior Diplomat but the review has disappeared. Lost in all the recent reshuffles?
    The creation of narrative in Sept-Dec or so in 2001 around the focusing of the campaign on the Taliban insurgency, Pashtuns, and, of course, Al Q, is interesting, from all sides of the conflict….
    So, this is why I had trouble with the CT experts I am often asked to read. You’d need to almost be “desi” to see some of it….

  3. Madhu Says:

    Wrong time of year to bring up these discussions, everyone too busy including me 🙂 Be well, all.

  4. Charles Cameron Says:

    Always good to see you, Madhu! Compliments of the season from all of us here at ZP!

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