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Paris, AQ and IS

[ by Charles Cameron — just noting the apparent blurring of a significant distinction, although it’s still early to draw conclusions ]

Raffaello Pantucci tweets:

French TV interviewed Cherif Kouachi who states clearly I was directed by AQAP and funded by Awlaki. Same French TV channel spoke to Coulibaly who they say told them he was linked to ISIS. And Coulibaly claims that the brothers and himself were coordinated.

Here’s the video (in French) that Pantucci linked to:

3 Responses to “Paris, AQ and IS”

  1. Cheryl Rofer Says:

    I think we need to wait until the dust settles and there are investigations.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Hi Cheryl:
    Mostly agreed — as I said above, “it’s still early to draw conclusions”. In this instance, though, since we have video interviews with two perps and their claims do assert their self-identifications with AQAP & IS respectively, (IMO) the seeming anomaly is worth noting.

  3. Charles Cameron Says:

    Interesting analogy from Hegghammer:

    And here’s a link to Clint Watts on The Muddled Jihad of ISIS & Al Qaeda post Hebdo.

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