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Paris, a DoubleQuote in cartoon form

[ by Charles Cameron — in partial reply to Jeff Sharlet ]

I’m not a great lover of cartoons as a form, to be honest, all too often there’s exaggeration for malicious effect in the genre, which isn’t my way of doing things — but this DoubleQuote in cartoon form struck me as apposite for the insight it brings — that our media are under siege by those who would bully them into silence, not in two isolated ways, but in two ways that together constitute a sort of wave-front.

One “leading indicator” — one unconnected “dot” — leads nowhere. Two indicators — two dots — give us a possible connection, a pattern to be alert for.

Or in this case, against.

One Response to “Paris, a DoubleQuote in cartoon form”

  1. Terence Dodge Says:

    Ted Rall ( cartoons for LAT and few others ) notes that more “political cartoonist’s” where killed in Paris than are employed my all American magazines and websites combined. http://rall.com he does rant( and “Toon” ) some but it is his job as he sees it.

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