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Agreeable disagreement, disagreeable agreement

[jotted down quickly by Lynn C. Rees]

  1. Politics is the division of power.
  2. The power divided is a variable mix of violence and influence.
  3. The division of power tends to favors those who best wield violent power.
  4. The reason of man exists for victory, not truth.
  5. Victory is measured in agreement, the number of minds who fuel a division of power.
  6. Agreement is peace, a thinning in politics.
  7. Disagreement is conflict, an escalation in politics.
  8. Agreement, once agreed, tends to stay agreed.
  9. Agreement that stays agreed is the most effective way to convert agreement into violence.
  10. The ultimate measure of victory is how well it converts agreement into violence.
  11. Man tends to stay agreed with what he already agrees with:
    • it is the most powerful fuel for the politics of others he agrees with.
    • it reduces power lost by making new agreements.
  12. Man tends to agree with whatever agrees with increases in his own division of power.
  13. Maintenance of the objective, concentration of power, and keeping the initiative are powerful contributors to victory.
  14. Refusal to disagree with what he already agrees with tends to keep:
    • man’s eye single to the glory of his objective
    • man’s power concentrated
    • man from losing the initiative
  15. Yet politics divides power by converting disagreement into agreement.
  16. The intensity and mix of disagreement dictates the intensity and mix of violence and influence needed to convert it into agreement.
  17. Influence is the refinement of argument.
  18. The reason of man exists to refine less effective argument into more effective argument.
  19. Where the argument of influence fails, the argument of violence might succeed.

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