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It’s how we / they roll

[ by Charles Cameron – neither am I a biker, nor encased in armor ]

SPEC DQ how we roll


The Army puts on a heavy metal tour of Eastern Europe for Mr Putin

  • Three American armored convoys today converged in Czech Republic’s capital on tour of Eastern Europe
  • Vehicles have traveled more than 1,000 miles through Poland and the Baltic States as warning to Putin
  • Countries in the region are nervous after Russian annexation of Crimea and military unrest in the area
  • The Dragoon Ride convoy began in three separate branches; one in Talinn, Estonia, one in Vilnius, Linthuania and one in Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland.


    An ultra-nationalist Russian biker gang is invading Europe, and Poland isn’t happy

    Not many motorbike groups can claim to have a head of state as a supporter, but the case of Russia’s Night Wolves is an exception. President Vladimir Putin has publicly embraced the group, and after Russia’s annexation of Crimea last year, the Night Wolves were quick to parade through Crimea’s streets.

    Their next ride, however, will be less trouble-free. After the group announced that it was planning a ride through Europe to celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, Poland denied the bikers access to the country. Many eastern Europeans saw something else in the ride: a ridiculing of the victims of the Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

    Originally, the group wanted to travel from Russia to Berlin, passing through Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria and imitating the conquest of the Soviet Union from more than half a century ago, according to AFP. Rally organizer Andrei Bobrovsky told the French news agency that the main goal of the trip was “to pay respect to those killed on WWII battlefields in the struggle against Hitler’s Nazis.”


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  • An ultra-nationalist Russian biker gang is invading Europe, and Poland isn’t happy
  • 2 Responses to “It’s how we / they roll”

    1. carl Says:

      People forget the Poles are, to me anyway, sort of special. I figure they will stand up to the Russians as they stood against the Nazis whether the correlation of forces favors them or not. They’re Poles.

      It surprises me that more people don’t try to figure what the Poles are going to do if Vlad the Almost Great keeps pushing rather that trying to figure what the Germans will do. The Germans aren’t important to all this anymore but the Poles are critical.

    2. zen Says:

      They also stood up to the Unspeakable Turk.
      Hail the Savior of Christendom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_III_Sobieski

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