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An irresistible use of DoubleQuotes

[ by Charles Cameron — and yes, they are a-changin’ — or not? ]

h/t @pmarca.


I’d probably have reversed the order here, so cause was followed by effect — but maybe I’m just being too “stick in the mud / stuck in the box” conventional.

Fine work.

2 Responses to “An irresistible use of DoubleQuotes”

  1. David G Jones Says:

    Here’s the base text in military theory and strategic planning. Also a darn good primer in KM (Knowledge Management).


  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    This may not have been the best choice of Zenpundit comment section on which to tout a book on Sun Tzu, but we are indeed a strategy blog k, and the book looks interesting as advertised, so I’m letting the comment stand.
    ZP readers are as warmly invited to comment on Jones’ comment and book as you are on my original post.

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