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Scots and British values

[ by Charles Cameron — Scots by clan, audibly British to American ears, and American by friendship, long residence, and weather preference ]

Here’s a pair of tweets I picked out to comment on a while back, when writing was a lot more effort than is is now — and will hopefully be in the near future. The second is pretty obviously a serpent-bites-tail example, but I suspect “haggis” and “Scottish” are close enough conceptually (staggeringly close) to qualify the first as a serpentine loop too — why else would Rifkind have mentioned the Scottishness of the fiver?

Serpent-bites-tail logic is pretty cut and dried — but it can express itself in some pretty elusive / allusive forms.


Scots wha hae!

2 Responses to “Scots and British values”

  1. larrydunbar Says:

    Back in form.

    This is probably what gave my Armstrong ancestors an advantage in the environment they existed. They simply took back from the English, what they thought was theirs to begin with.

    In the case of Scotland, it was the language.

  2. Scott Says:

    I’m Scot, Irish, and yes, part Sassenach. Also German. In any case, Ceud mìle fàilte!

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