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Will Trump ever drain the Sinkhole?

[ by Charles Cameron — if hell exists — and we’re easily persuaded it does — best believe in paradise, too ]

Bryan Alexander of Infocult headed his report, Earth opens campaign against Trump. Bryan has been following sinkholes around the globe for some time now, and has also been keeping a wary eye on Donald Trump, so the correlation wouldn’t surprise him, and he leaped to causation, with or without good reason.

Let’s take a look, first, at the hole itself:

It’s black, as though part of the world had been redacted for security reasons.

Sinkoles are not uncommon in Florida, and frequently feast on human habitations:

The City of Palm Beech is calm and carries on:


It takes the Washington Post to put the event in truly cross-disiplinary perspective, titling its article on the topic brilliantly:

Indeed they did. Oliver Willis had the best reading of the Sign:

The orb in question is the Saudi counterterrorism orb:

Bothing to do with Saruman, I assure you. But take a look at those eyes..

And FWIW, tthe orb’s direct impact on the pavement in Palm Beach is confirmed by Chad Fondiller:


Some, like Conchita Leeflang, read the Sign more mundanely in terms of Trump‘s own rhetoric:

That’s clever, but it doesn’t really explain this photo of the sinkhole alt-event now, does it?

What does that orb have to do with counterterrorism, BTW?


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3 Responses to “Will Trump ever drain the Sinkhole?”

  1. Cheryl Rofer Says:

    “Draining the sinkhole” doesn’t work as a metaphor. Sinkholes are formed when material underground is removed, often by water. So they themselves are drains. The metaphorical significance, it seems to me, is that the very earth is trying to drain the pestilence that is Trump.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    LOL, yes Cheryl, you’re right of course. I just dropped “sinkhole” in where “swamp” might be expected for the mild shock value ; )
    I’m secretly a fan of clickbait, at least where my own work is concerned.

  3. Cheryl Rofer Says:


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