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Anything self-defeating is an ouroboros

[ by Charles Cameron — Tankel’s take on Trump’s CT ]

Mostly the self-devouring snakes I track here are a little more subtle about the circular nature of their logic — the phrasing often hides the fact that man bites self, or dog chases own tail. This example, however, is just so blatant, presented in so large and darkna font, with its accompanying image just so dazzlingly colored, that I just has to bring it here.

Self-defeating, self-eating — it’s the self- part that signals trouble. Stephen Tankel is a fine researcher — his book Storming the World Stage: The Story of Lashkar-e-Taiba is recommended readng on the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

He is not a happy chap:

The emerging Trump counterterrorism strategy appears to be a dysfunctional combination of repurposed elements of the George W. Bush and Barack Obama approaches infused with some of Trump’s worst impulses

You may wish to read him.


Meanwhile, as an ad to accompany CNN’s Iran’s Revolutionary Guards blame Saudis for Tehran attacks, I got this:

Okay ouroboroi!

2 Responses to “Anything self-defeating is an ouroboros”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    An Adversarial Review of “Adversarial Generation of Natural Language”!!

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    And then there’s this, re Brexit and the British election:

    I’m glad ouroboros isn;t a drinking game, or I’d be plastered most of the time.

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