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ISIS in alliance with AQ? Taliban?

[ by Charles Cameron — waiting for the wave function to collapse ]




  • Newsweek, Is an ISIS / al-Qaeda merger in the cards?
  • NYT, Joint Taliban-ISIS Attack Kills Dozens, Afghan Officials Say
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    1. Charles Cameron Says:

      Regarding the question mark with which my post title closes —

      The first notable factor was the alleged combination of ISIS and Taliban fighters in the assault. Evidence about the nature of the ‘collaboration,’ if any, remains unclear. Zabihullah Amani, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said the insurgents were a mixed group of Taliban and ISIS insurgents, under the command of Sher Mohammad Ghazanfar, a local Taliban commander who allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Taliban itself was swift to deny any involvement, with one commander saying “the Afghan government and its foreign masters are making false claims that we are working with Daesh [ISIS] just to discredit us in the local community.”

      Strangely, I can’t find where I grabbed that quote, either in my file history for today, or by searching on Google and Bing. It is, however, a cut-and-paste from somewhere!

    2. Charles Cameron Says:

      Got it!
      ‘Joint’ ISIS, Taliban Attack Shows Fluidity of Afghan Jihadism

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