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Anti-Muslim converts to Islam — Enantiodromia!

[ by Charles Cameron — balancing explanations — psychological, sociological, anthropological ]

Carl Jung‘s definitions of enantiodromia read:

In the philosophy of Heraclitus it [enantiodromia] is used to designate the play of opposites in the course of events—the view that everything that exists turns into its opposite….

I use the term enantiodromia for the emergence of the unconscious opposite in the course of time. [CW 6, 708 & 709]


There could hardly be a clearer set of instances of this individual psychological principle than this, as reported by David A Graham in the strong>Atlantic yesterday:

The Strange Cases of Anti-Islam Politicians Turned Muslims
Three recent incidents seem to highlight a quirk of sociology.

More details:

Last fall, Arthur Wagner was part of something remarkable: His political party, the anti-Islam, anti-immigrant Alternative für Deutschland, entered the Bundestag, becoming the first far-right party in the body since the 1950s. This year, Wagner has done something even more [ .. ]remarkable: He has converted to Islam and left AfD.

Even stranger, Wagner is not the first person to leave a far-right, anti-Islam party in Europe and become a Muslim. Arnoud van Doorn, a member of Geert Wilders’s Dutch Freedom Party—which is another far-right, anti-Islam party—left it in 2011, converted to Islam in 2012, and soon after made hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca Muslims are obliged to make at least once in their lifetimes. And in 2014, Maxence Buttey, a local councillor for the National Front (FN), France’s analogous far-right party, converted to Islam and was suspended from the party committee.

In the United States, a grisly story made headlines last year when an 18-year-old former neo-Nazi in Tampa who said he had converted to Islam confessed to killing two (apparently still) neo-Nazi roommates, though that case is so grotesque, and the use of violence so far from mainstream Muslim practice, that it defies comparison to the European examples. (The suspect also shouted a nonsensical, non-Muslim phrase.)

In all cases, the shift from anti-Muslim to Muslim is counterintuitive.

The same article quotes friend JM Berger, commenting after the Charlotesville shootings —

The process and structure of radicalization and extremism are the same in different kinds of movements, even when the content of the extremist belief is different (such as with neo-Nazis and jihadists)

— all this as part of a sociological explanation of conversions to and from extremisms.


The sociological explanations are well-represented by these paras:

There seem to be some people who are joiners, eager to become part of larger groups. Almost everyone will know someone like this, perhaps someone who is constantly searching for new social groups or joining new organizations, or perhaps even a spiritual seeker-type who flirts with a succession of faiths. The cliche about the “zeal of the convert” exists for a reason.

According to Michael Hogg’s uncertainty-identity theory, people seek to reduce questions about who they are, where they fit in the world, and how people view them. “One way to satisfy this motivation is to identify with a group (a team, an organization, a religion, an ethnicity, a nation, etc.) a process that not only defines and locates oneself in the social world but also prescribes how one should behave and how one should interact with others,” Hogg writes.

I don’t think these sociological explanations really conflict with Jung’s theory of enantiodromia, but the latter seems more exact – “turning into the opposite” rather than “showing a propensity for eextremes” — because in my view, Jung’s version hits the mark so exactly.

I’m too fatigued to fisk Graham’s article more extensively, but my main point is that enantiodromia is “closer in” than the sociological motive, focusing in the indiviual rather than the group.


Issues of this kind crop up quite frequently. IMO we need some kind of useful understandings of the boundaries between anthropology and sociology, and of the complex relations of both with psychology.

3 Responses to “Anti-Muslim converts to Islam — Enantiodromia!”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    Here’s a fascinating piece about enantiodromia by the left, which Mark pointed us to on Facebook:

    The Progressive Left Goes Philistine
    2017 was a year that overturned many long-held sociopolitical certainties. Remember when Republicans liked free trade? Or when liberals liked free speech? Such fond memories. We can add yet another demolished certainty to the list: the political left, after centuries of championing visual art, has discovered a new passion for censoring it.

    A clear example of why one should not reply on the group for one’s opinions, but wrestle with the issues oneself.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Meister Eckhart on enantiodromia (though he doesn’t call is that) and the path through it that transcends it:

    Now see. In whatever way you find God most, and you are most often aware of Him, that is the way you should follow. But if another way presents itself, quite contrary to the first, and if, having abandoned the first way, you find God as much in the new way as in the one you have left, then that is right. But the noblest and best thing would be this: if you were to come to such equality, with such calm and certainty, that you could find God and enjoy Him in any way and in all things, without having to wait for anything or chase after anything.
    God is in all ways and equal in all ways, for anyone who can take Him so

  3. zen Says:

    Among the original Nazi leadership there were a few Islamophiles, notably Heinrich Himmler, whose anti-Christian ideas led him into an admiration for Islam and jihad (based on the most superficial understanding of the religion) which he deemed a “warrior religion” more suitable for the “master-race” than “Jewish” and “effeminate” Christianity. This did not stop Himmler from promoting neo-paganism, volkische myths and completely made up SS ritual mummery but Himmler did sponsor the Mufti of Jerusalem’s propaganda visits to the Reich and dissemination of anti-Semitic and anti-British propaganda in the Arab world including the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

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