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Kneeling for the Anthem to protest lynchings

[ by Charles Cameron — with a tip if the hat to John Gary Messer ]

We’re all aware of the widely publicized NFL “kneeling” protests against black deaths at the hands of police and other matters, which President Trump felt did injury to the National Anthem and all that it stands for — in the upper panel below, members of the San Francisco 49ers kneel during the National Anthem, 2017 —

Beyond the photo itself and its title, White Baseball Players Kneel in the 50’s to protest Black Lynching, the article from which this photo was taken doesn’t have much to say:

Archival photos reveal several white baseball players kneeling during the national anthem in protest of the lynching of innocent negroes and Jim Crow laws. The practice was quickly ended when the players realized that most of their fans were either KKK members or sympathizers.


Somone tying today’s protests back to their historical antecedent would shed an interesting light on thr current controversy, giving today’s protesters a definitive “moral high ground” precedent.. Meat for a fascinating thesis?

Something to chew on.

One Response to “Kneeling for the Anthem to protest lynchings”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    I suppose I might post here, “Nobody knows the game better than I do.” I imagine you know who said that __ I haven’t been able to find those words on whitehouse.gov, but I’ve seen a video compilation which includess a clip..

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