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For Jim Gant, On the Resurrection, 01

[ by Charles Cameron –with breath, thinking this through ]

It seems to me that there are two chewable questions in all seriousness:

Does God Exist?

To which it seems to me that the only answer would be something along the line of this:

A roaring silence, in other words, which somehow worked itself out like this in the mind of one Franz Liszt — and he must have been pretty shaken by the end of it..

For the record, it’s my sense that if St Gregory of Nyssa had had a taste for Liszt and access to YouTube, he might have said much the same.. One cannot predicate existence of God, but one can experience revelation, eh?

Question #2 is the real shaker, though..

Did the Resurrection really happen?


One Response to “For Jim Gant, On the Resurrection, 01”

  1. Jim Gant Says:

    Charles, Very humbling…the biggest questions of all…on the road today. Will spend it in contemplation. “With God all things are possible.” – Mark 10:27
    More soon, Jim

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