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One delicious ouroboros and miscellaneous chyrons &c

[ by Charles Cameron — all the way through to Roger Stone and a clip from Godfather II ]

First, in the place of honor, this brilliant sign protesting the government shutdown. Ouroboric in form, simple, succinct, pithy:

That’s a protest haiku, if ever I saw one, in a detail from the original photo.


And while we’re on the topic of haikus, chyrons — those texts at the foot of TV screens — are the haiku of news media. Here are some I’ve collected recently — I’ll add more here as we go, since adding them in the comments section requires tweeting them so as to have a URL to work with..

As I’ve said elsewhere, that Carter Page, Michael Caputo, Sam Nunberg, Jerome Corsi joint interview by Ari Melber was fantastic television.


I generally pick chyrons to screengrab for their game or war metaphors, but pithy and witty will get me every time.


Kelly O’Donnell (immediately above) said memorably, “It’s a sort of dueling banjos of legislation..”


Double #FAIL

And now, the Roger Stone indictment, with its movie reference. There have been plenty of pundits an news anchors referencing the Godfather movies, and that “textbook mob tactics” reference from the new chairmen of the Oversight and Intel committees. but AFAIK this is the first such reference from the Mueller team in a court document, and notable as such.

Plus I guess I’ll need to revisit the Godfather series to keep up with current affairs..

One Response to “One delicious ouroboros and miscellaneous chyrons &c”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    How’s this, from Of Course Roger Stone Thinks That He Lives in “The Godfather”

    You can see the appeal of the Frankie Five Angels moment for the likes of Roger Stone. After looking his brother in the eye, Frank can’t bring himself to rat out the family. The pesky government, reaching for a perjury charge, gets thwarted by the old omertà codes of honor and loyalty.

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