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Amy Warren, Elizabeth Klobnachar?

[ by Charles Cameron — surrealism in electoral candidates’ declarations ]

I’m glad I was up and alert at 4.30 am Pacific time today, and could catch these two screen-grabs of candidates for the Presidency in 2020 — a wonderful DoubleQuote in chyron confusion:


Who’s this?

Okay, then who’s this?


Both screen-grabs are from Morning Joe on MSNBC.

It may be hard for the electorate to tell some of the 2020 candidates apart.

5 Responses to “Amy Warren, Elizabeth Klobnachar?”

  1. zen Says:

    Neither are too likely to become POTUS IMHO. If the D’s win they are possible Cabinet picks (Warren 1st tier, Klobuchar 2nd or 3rd)

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    I imagine a winnowing process — unless the Dems intend to offer a large group candidate, which I doubt is permitted — but what forces will do the winnowing, the actual characters & capabilities of the candidates, or party bickering, media mogul preference, billionaires weighing in, a viral hip-hop or porno sensation, chance, fickle finger of fate, God or the Trickster.. a black swan? You choose — who knows?

  3. zen Says:

    As they say chance favors a prepared mind. They don’t have the intuitive political gifts to capitalize on opportunities. Nor do they have the fundraising or staff talent.

  4. Charles Cameron Says:

    Of the women, Elizabeth Warren seems to have been building towards this for a while, no?. Biden would be interesting, but can the twenty-somethings really vote for old people in droves?
    I have a lot of other questions, but those two will do for now..

    And I hope you enjoyed the perversity of Klobuchar announcing in a chyron with Warren at the podium above it, and vice versa. The folks at MSNBC corrected each time within a few seconds, but not before I saw their twin errors, and could then download, rewind and make the screen-grabs.

  5. zen Says:

    Warren has policy chops in finance areas. Her problem is mainly ego – she’s been gulled into a vortex surrounding her false claim of native American ancestry when most other more intuitively gifted pols would have moved on, perhaps by being self-deprecating. She comes from the “meritocratic” class that never admits error and can’t let it go and is therefore goaded into returning again and again to losing image. As for Klobuchar I see no reason for her being in the race at all except to advertise for a cabinet seat. Free country though, so have at it.
    Very much like the images. A metaphor for their chances.

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