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The British Are Coming

[by J. Scott Shipman]

The British Are Coming, by Rick Atkinson

A couple of Rick Atkinson’s books (WWII) are in my anti-library, but on the urging of a friend, I purchased Mr. Atkinson’s first volume of a planned trilogy on the American Revolution. About 100 pages in and I find myself trying to make time to finish (it doesn’t help that I’ve embarked on a project that requires even more reading…). Mr. Atkinson may be the best narrative historian since William Manchester.

Preemptively highly recommended.


4 Responses to “The British Are Coming”

  1. Karlie McWilliams Says:

    Scott, how would you rate him vis a vis Michael Shaara? I have his Army at Dawn but I haven’t started it yet.

  2. zen Says:

    Army at Dawn was a good read. Atkinson is indeed a powerful prose writer.

  3. J.ScottShipman Says:

    He is as good, if not better than Shaara. Like Zen, I have Army at Dawn and another, but never had the time to commit.
    Atkinson truly has a tacit power with his prose to put the reader in the thick of things—smells and all. He might be better than Manchester, given Manchester’s best similar book was a first personal recollection in Goodbye Darkness.

  4. Charles Cameron Says:

    Oh heck, the British have come — I’m here!

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