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St Greta, Virgin and Guevara

[ by Charles Cameron — a pair of DoubleQuotes and a whole bunch of the questions the two of them raise ]

DoubleQuote I: St Greta, Virgin and Guevara:


  • Is either meme valid?
  • including its implications?
  • Are those implications obscure to you?
  • Can both sets of implications be valid at once?
  • Could both memes be irrelevant?
  • misleading?
  • Are they in conflict?
  • counterpoint?
  • harmony?
  • Do you have a preference for one meme over the other?
  • What’s your opinion of the other meme?
  • **

    DoubleQuote II: St Greta and St Malala:

    Each of these young women is addressing the United Nations, Malala asking for universal education, Greta for immediate action on climate change.


  • Is there urgent need for universal education?
  • Is there universal need for action on climate change?
  • is Malala Yousafzai a sort of saint?
  • Is Greta Thunberg a sort of saint?
  • Does either one set your teeth on edge?
  • Why do I even have to ask that question?
  • 2 Responses to “St Greta, Virgin and Guevara”

    1. The Hack Says:

      So I deliberately am answering here not on brown pundits site and its criminal no one has bothered to give an answer to worthy set of questions to which there are no right or wrong answers. Ordinarily I wouldn’t provide one.

      Yes there is an urgent need, but will the world end, so far it endures, doesn’t mean its not urgent.

      Yes universal need. Will the world end in ten years? No but the key word is need and we need

      No one is a saint, no one is a hero there are only humans who do remarkable things and are capable of truly mundane if not counter productive and even criminal things too,

      You should ask these questions. Because adults went ape shit over a child hyperventilating on camera about a real issue.

      Was there exaggeration. Of course. Did grown men and women need to cry? well if it didn’t hurt they wouldn’t have done and it would have been ignored. That they evisciserated a child isn’t a reflection on the child, its a reflection on the adults who did it. If she is meaningless and lying why did they waste their time listening without prejudice?

    2. Charles Cameron Says:

      Thanks, Hack — your thoughts are very much appreciated!

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