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Coronavirus meets religion #1

[ by Charles Cameron — a quick miscellany ]

The Vatican:

Starting fairly near home, depending on your flavor of the local religion, the Pope in Rome lives in the Vatican — an independent absolute monarchy wholly enclosed by Italy, and unable to escape the virus sweeping its host nation. The Vatican has now reported its first confirmed case of the coronavirus.

The Pope, accordingly, has delivered his usual public Sunday Mass by video conference, and instructed the pries of the Catholic Church to attend to those affected by tea coronavirus.


The Kaaba in Mecca, usually crammed with pilgrims, is almost completely empty.

The Shiite regime in Tehran has declared that that medical work is jihad — struggle, typically “in the way of Allah. The Mullah Khamenei:

I have already sincerely thanked physicians, nurses and medical teams, but I deem it necessary to thank all those dear ones once more. Certain phenomena were witnessed these days which are really and truly instructive for all of us and which indicate the sense of responsibility of our medical staff and their human and religious commitment in the country.


Put face-masks on the gods / “idols”. This one’s Shiva, from the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi:


Sending my best wishes to all..

One Response to “Coronavirus meets religion #1”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    Tis morning’s mail is a tad apocalyptic. My friend Randall Eaton forwarded a post:

    Benjamin Fulford 3-16-20… “It’s getting biblical folks as Pope vanishes, Mecca shuts down for the first time in history”

    And author of numerous books on eschatology Richard landes pointed mt to a headline:

    as if we don’t have enuf signs and wonders to promote apocalyptic prophecies.
    “Plague of locusts set to descend upon Middle East in time for Passover ”

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