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A movie DoubleQuote for your consideration

[ by Charles Cameron — Kurosawa, and a celebrated shot from Jean-Luc Godard ]




Godard‘s shot is from La Chinoise, 1967. I don’t know offhand what film or year the Kurosawa shot is from, but I’m betting it came before the Godard. Kurosawa’s is a moving shot, the man disappearing behind the books, while Godard’s shot has to hold steady for the sake of the weapon.. Note that the gun emplacement in Godard‘s shot is within its ideological context.

In any case, a lovely pairing.

One Response to “A movie DoubleQuote for your consideration”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    JustKnecht points out:

    The Kurosawa is Ikiru (1952).

    — hence it antedates the Godard.

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