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Is this a first? It’s surely significant..

[ by Charles Cameron — who was wondering about this particular strategy a few minutes before encountering this headline.. ]

How would cops joining protesters figure in a simple zero-sum game? Impossible, you say? Did ever a white bishop in chess determine the black cause was righteous and declare itself black, allowing the black player to move it? Never, you say? How, then, do we score this move?



  • mlive, Flint-area police join protesters marching to seek justice for George Floyd
  • **

    Is this “c” for “cooperate”? And if iterated?

    Fred Leland? Doc Bunker? John Sullivan? Don Vandergriff? John Horgan? Mike Sellers?

    3 Responses to “Is this a first? It’s surely significant..”

    1. ROBERT SYKES Says:

      The protestors are black, and the police are black. It is simple racial solidarity.

    2. Charles Cameron Says:

      Very true — and yet, and yet. It hasn’t always worked this way, and seems to have begun doing so all across the USA with this set of protests. A kairos, maybe? AKA a tipping point? Worth noting, either way, IMO.

    3. Roger Fox Says:

      I think as long as humans can “see” the superficial differences of skin color, they will react accordingly. If we were all color blind it would be a different world.

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