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I like an eclectic blogroll, ideologically speaking, even if I favor bloggers on the libertarian and neocon Right I like having dissenters there to keep everyone honest…or at least me anyway. One good example would be Prometheus6 – I don’t agree with Earl’s politics but I’ve never had anything but an intellectually honest and stimulating exchange with the man. He also keeps my horizons widened to some perspectives that I might not otherwise see and this helps my own analysis of events.

So, in the tradition of adding high quality blogs of strongly argued viewpoints that frequently cover foreign affairs, I am welcoming American Amnesia and The Boileryard to my blogroll, both first rate sites. I also suggest that you take the time to read Kirk Johnson’s interview series while at Amnesia – that’s a cut above what you usually find in the blogosphere ( or most major media outlets for that matter).

P.S. – The link to The Argus has also been updated.

P.S.S. – A big welcome also to Dave Munger !

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