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Summer Series 2010: Reviewing the Books!

Every year I make an effort to increase my reading of books during the summer months. Inevitably, I fail at completing whatever overambitious reading list that I compose while somehow finding time to read other books that were never on the list. This year was no exception.

Starting this weekend, I am going to be reviewing all the books I did read from late May to early September. It was an eclectic collection and I hope to complete this series of posts by mid-September. A few reviews that have already appeared in this time period will be re-posted to make the series complete.

Readers are free to offer comments and recommendations about their own favorite summer books or their idiosyncratic reading habits as the series rolls along……

2 Responses to “Summer Series 2010: Reviewing the Books!”

  1. J. Scott Says:

    Good luck, Zen. Promise when I find KABOOM, I’ll let you know! Hope you add Grand Strategies to your reviews and Luttwak’s Byzantine Strateegery—both very good reads.

  2. zen Says:

    Excellent Scott. I shall keep my fingers crossed that a packing box full of tomes in the Shipman Archive conveniently breaks open 🙂

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