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On behalf of Charles Cameron…..

Zen here….

Charles Cameron recently made his 500th post here at zenpundit.com making Charles currently the most prolific of the three of us blogging here this year Not only prolific, but the range and depth of subject matter that Charles commands in the study of religious extremism, cults, apocalyptic movements, psychology and mytho-poetic culture and symbolism have enriched the national security, foreign policy and strategic orientation of the blog.  As have the dialogues Charles has opened here (and on twitter) with scholars like David Ronfeldt, Tim Furnish, Leah Farrall and Daveed Garstein-Ross.  Charles has shed light on subjects like the motivations of the Fort Hood shooter, Major Hasan or the  theological-political critique of the Pussy Riot protest against Putin that few other bloggers or analysts could have managed.

Sadly, it is my duty to report that Mr. Cameron, despite his active posting here, is facing some very significant health and consequently financial challenges that have come together  in a perfect storm. I know that Charles has many friends and former colleagues reading from all over the world who regularly enjoy his writing.

If you are one of these people, I am asking you to consider two options, if you have liked and feel that you have learned from what Charles has done here:

1. If you are a publisher, think tanker or private equity in need of  employing an analyst, writer, researcher or collaborator, that you consider Charles Cameron.

2. That you consider making a one time donation to help Charles defray the costs of his pressing medical expenses, which will help keep him posting here for your enjoyment.

Please send any offers and inquiries directly to Charles Cameron at:


3 Responses to “On behalf of Charles Cameron…..”

  1. Madhu Says:

    Oh no! Charles, I am so sorry to hear of this.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Thank you so much Madhu — and Zen, thank you too – I’m deeply appreciative!

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