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Steve DeAngelis at ERMB has two very meaty posts up “HBR 2007 Breakthrough Ideas, Part 1” and “HBR 2007 Breakthrough Ideas, Part 2” based on “The HBR List:Breakthrough Ideas for 2007“. Steve gives his insights, links and extensive excerpts on the breakthrough ideas which are:

1. Accidental Influentials
2. Entrepreneurial Japan
3.Brand Magic: Harry Potter Marketing.
4.Algorithms in the Attic
5.The Leader from Hope
6.An Emerging Hotbed of User-Centered Innovation
7.Living With Continuous Partial Attention
8.Borrowing from the PE Playbook
9.When To Sleep On It
10. Here Comes XBRL
11. Innovation and Growth: Size Matters
12. Conflicted Consumers
13. What Sells When Father Knows Best
14. Business in the Nanocosm
15. Act Globally, Think Locally
16. Seeing is Treating
17. The Best Networks Are Really Worknets
18. Why U.S. Healthcare Costs Aren’t Too High
19. In Defense of “Ready, Fire, Aim
20. The Folly of Accountabalism

An impressive density of concepts and commentary in just a couple of medium size posts.

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  1. papadavo Says:

    MARK: I view the coining of the phrase “continuous partial Attention”(CPA by Linda Stone as right up there with Information Anxiety and Future Shock as coinages defining the times we live in.

    My motto: “Too much stuff -too little time” defines the dilemma leading to the malaise of CPA that I believe can only be addressed by living up to the maxim coined by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe ” Less is More”

    My passionate search for ways to synthesize through visualization and compression may offer some hope that we can escape the vicious cycle of CPA and what my friend Mark Anderson calls AORTA (always on real time anywhere)

    Remember the play and movie from 1966:Stop the World I want to Get Off or was this before your time?

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