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Going to take the kiddies to see this one on Saturday or Sunday. I’m wondering how the movie handles the world-devouring Galactus that I remember from my childhood of thumbing through Marvel comic books.

It occurred to me that Stan Lee ( along with the late sci-fi writer, Philip K. Dick, another example)may go down as one of the great, unintentionally prolific, screenplay writers.

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  1. Paul Kretkowski Says:

    While the trailer was great, gad, the movie was awful, Stan Lee cameo notwithstanding. If this is what Marvel is doing now that they are self-funding character-based movies, I’m glad I don’t own any MVL stock. Galactus is some … cloud? The characters were shallow, unnecessary sight gags abounded … sorry if I’m harshing your buzz; I assume you’ve been to see it by now? I didn’t like the first FF movie either, but went to see the current release hoping that there would have been improvement. Sigh.

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