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At the behest of Critt, I’m now on twitter as a complement to the blog. Sean and Dan are with me so at least I’m not out there shouting into the wind.

I’ll give twitter a fair trial. The geek world, of which I claim no membership in due to technical incompetence and sheer lack of time to fully investigate, seems to be very excited about this app ( though not everybody). Rick Klau (previous link) called it “micro blogging” which I think is probably a sustainable, cognitive format for holding attention, moreso than “hey…I’m going to take a shower now” type messages, which would become a tyranny of the mundane once the novelty of using twitter wears off.

We get a mental “charge” or arousal from connectivity with another personwith the social networking aspect but without some kind of interesting content to sustain the connection, our attention is apt to wander.

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