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War in miniature?

[ by Charles Cameron — as the Washington Post points out, this has indeed been a busy week for military justice ]

To take just two examples:


I have pulled these two news-tweets from the BBC out and juxtaposed them, because the charges in both cases had to do with murder, although Hasan was also found guilty of multiple additional attempted murders — but we should not forget the just-concluded trial of Bradley / Chelsey Manning, nor the pretrial hearings now under way for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his alleged 9/11 co-conspirators — nor for that matter the USS Cole case, which has just while I was writing this post been postponed till October.

Workplace violence? Treason? Torture? Dishonor? Death Sentence? Jihad? Martyrdom?

Comparing and contrasting these different yet related situations, we have before us what seems to me to be a war in microcosm…

One Response to “War in miniature?”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    FWIW, and with spelling mistake uncorrected:

    Different pleas… and arguably, each man got the sentence he’d prefer: life (or death) can be complicated.

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