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Spent much of the day working on an important outside project as well as tedious grad school assignments. Hit probably 2500-3000 words but unfortunately that was interspered with having to read and look up specific details, footnote etc. Plodded along steadily though.

Normal blogging will resume in a day or two.

4 Responses to “Cranking”

  1. Seerov Says:

    What are you studying in grad school?

  2. zen Says:

    Hi Seerov,
    Mostly tedious bureaucratese, I’m afraid. For the day job credentials.
    Caveat – the part related to collaborative learning and organizations is useful and relevant. Think Nagl’s last section of Learning How to Eat Soup with a Knife – part of what I’m studying is the academic research behind what Nagl advocated

  3. Seerov Says:

    So are you a non-matriculated student, just taking classes?  Or are you earning an MA or MS in something?  Public administration maybe?  MBA?  Or perhaps a Masters in Multicultralism and Diversity Studies? : )

  4. zen Says:

    Second masters. Administration. Have not dived into the vagaries of public finance law but that should be exciting when I do. 😉

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