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A touch of fellow-feeling, perhaps?

[ by Charles Cameron — Master Zenpundit echoing Master Rainer Maria Rilke ]

Zen (upper panel) this morning on FaceBook:

And Rilke (lower panel) speaking into the “maddening wind” (the Föhn) on the cliffs by Schloss Duino:

Or maybe Shakespeare can give us a no less powerful comparison?

Sound and fury, signifying nothing?


On the one hand, it’s the human condition, at least in these modern times: too much noise drowns out the signal… On the other, the occasional word belted into the wind does get through, eh? Or so we hope…

That’s why we blog.

2 Responses to “A touch of fellow-feeling, perhaps?”

  1. zen Says:

    Thanks’s Charles! My exasperated nonsense sounds much better when expressed by a poet!

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Most welcome — and hey, even his fellow poets wish they could sound like Rilke!

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