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Kindle Launch: The Handbook of 5GW


The Handbook of 5GW Dr. Daniel H. Abbott, Editor

Nimble Books has published the first authoritative book on the competing interpretations of the military and political theory referred to as “Fifth Generation Warfare“, edited by my friend and colleague Dr. Daniel Abbott. The many contributing authors include academics, journalists such as David Axe, and many blogfriends associated with the former theory site, Dreaming5GW.

My chapter was entitled “5GW: Into the Heart of Darkness“. It is oriented more toward historical case studies than theory and is not in any way, shape or form, a “feel-good” piece. Here is a snippet:

“….This brings us to the probability that for the aforementioned states, their actual options for their ruling elites for adapting to the threat of 4GW will be between accepting varying degrees of failure-from conceding a temporary autonomous zone (TAZ) to rebels, to being overthrown, to imploding into anarchy as insurgents encroach-or “taking the gloves off” and using the indiscriminate, unrestricted violence of genocide to annihilate real and potential enemies before the international community can mobilize to prevent it. History suggests they might well succeed.”

The views within The Handbook of 5GW vary widely, as does the disciplinary approach of the authors, intending to stimulate thought, explore possible scenarios that range from the pragmatic and real to the imaginative and ideal.

Hardcover launch in September, 2010.

8 Responses to “Kindle Launch: The Handbook of 5GW”

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    […] views within The Handbook of 5GW vary widely,” Zenpundit observes, “as does the disciplinary approach of the authors, intending to stimulate thought, explore […]

  2. XGW watcher Says:

    This quoted material is totally suspect, as 4GW AND 5GW would mean that the insurgents  are controlled and operated by the same elite forces that they are supposedly attacking.  The attacks are an illusion, just as the battle and the dispute.  Both sides are ALWAYS controlled by the same masters, which is a signature of this type of warfare.

    This excerpt is designed to acquaint and prepare the public for plans that are already in place, that is the psychological value of such material.  The future must be believable, and for that to occur, it much be written about and properly framed, so when the events occur, the public is already properly oriented to the ongoing reality and therefore will take action that is likely preplanned and designed.

  3. zen Says:

    As I am the author of the excerpt, I have to say, that if I am part of the elite conspiracy, someone else is shorting me on my share of the spoils….. 🙂

  4. XGW Watcher Says:


    Perhaps you do not yet understand the implication of what it is that you write. If one is going to delve into this area of research, it is critical to understand that it is the same forces that control all sides of the dialectic. This is the nature of Full Spectrum Dominance, and the backbone to xGW theory.

    Event are contrived by a small set of actors to maintain the public’s orientation to the world, and to implement planned change. This is the science of Plato, Hegel, Marx and Engels et. al.

    Your paragraph should describe future events where both the insurgents, the target of the insurgents, and the events surrounding both are scripted in order to justify some future societal “reaction”. The insurgents are never organically grown in these scenarios, as that inserts too much risk into the script and would defy the military’s employment of John Boyd’s work on managing societal OODA.

  5. zen Says:

    Hi X,
    First, you are expecting too much from a short paragraphic excerpt. Even if I was the mental equal of Aristotle with the literary talent of William Shakespeare that’s still a lot of conceptual density for one paragraph.
    Secondly, with no disrespect to my editor, Shane, Adam, Curtis and the other contributors who explicitly departed from 4GW thory, I’ve thought about this subject at length,  earlier than most, and the conspiratorial/subversion/strategem within stratagem concept of 5GW is not a phenomena that in my view fits most probable scenarios, so I do not take that as a premise. It fits enough to be a possible outcome, but I’d argue these situations  are outliers in 5GW which is itself, an outlier. Nor does Dr. Abbott group me in the book with those who think as you do, I’m in a later section with differing interpretations, a logical way to organize the text.
    OTOH, I think you will like what the aforementoned writers have to say a lot more than you will care for my chapter.

  6. Karaka Says:

    Nicely done, zen. I look forward to obtaining a copy.

  7. zen Says:

    Gracias K.!

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