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Carl Prine interviews Don Vandergriff

Investigative reporter, Iraq veteran and Military.com columnist/blogger Carl Prine has an excellent interview with blogfriend Don Vandergriff at Prine’s Line of Departure:

Not So Quiet Goes the Don!

….DON VANDERGRIFF: Yeah. Well, it goes back to the competency approach – Leave No Child Behind.

It’s like training for the test or rote memorization. And that’s what PowerPoint is. It’s a tool of the competency theory of education, if you think about it.

There’s no thought being put into it. It follows a format. People find out what the boss likes to see and they put it into that format. They depend on that. Because – as you and I know- if you really know what you’re talking about, they get up there and just tell it.

PRINE OF DEPARTURE: You and I have known each other for years. And we’ve been talking about “Careerists” and what they do to a military culture.

And the reason why I ask this is because there’s this young captain who I really respect. He’s one of the best young captains I’ve ever met. And he asked me, “Carl, how do you define a ‘careerist?’ What is a ‘careerist?'”

DON VANDERGRIFF: A “Careerist” is a courtier. All he’s interested in doing is flattering the King. Courtiers form together and you get “groupthink.”

There are a lot of problems that come from Careerists. A Careerist is someone who puts self before service. A Careerist doesn’t understand that by making your subordinates better than you are, you’re actually making your entire organization better.

PRINE OF DEPARTURE: And you’re making yourself better.


DON VANDERGRIFF: To get to the bottom line, it’s selfish leadership….

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4 Responses to “Carl Prine interviews Don Vandergriff”

  1. MMaineiac Says:

    "the enlisted ranks as they ape what they see"

    Who ever said this should pull his head out of his ass.

  2. zen Says:

    LOL! Maybe Don or Carl will wander in here and respond.

  3. MMaineiac Says:

    For a real laugh try telling an old Gunnery Sergeant you think he is "aping" the behavior of the officers.  When I was in, over 35 years ago, it would have been an insult. I suspect it still would be today.

  4. Matt Says:

    Awesome. Boyd would refer to this as ‘To be, or to do?"

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