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Towards a Pattern Language for CT?

[ by Charles Cameron ]


Okay, someone wasn’t reading his Sherlock Holmes


Consider this a very minor contribution to the ongoing discussion of the benefits of a liberal arts education in connecting analytic dots (or avoiding those who connect them).



Wikipedia, Pattern Language (background), and Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language (one of the very great books).

3 Responses to “Towards a Pattern Language for CT?”

  1. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    Very good S.H. connection!

  2. J. Scott Says:

    Hi Charles, Concur on A Pattern Language (I believe I found as a result of our correspondence–so thanks); and went all-in a bought his series The Phenomena of Life. Over winter, I would graze through these remarkable books; it was almost a new idea per page. In Chapter 80 of APL, his header "No one enjoys his work if he is a cog in a machine." has become part of my practice, and from an Aristotelian point of view "In general it belongs to excellence to make the condition of the soul good, using quiet and ordered motions and in agreement with itself throughout all its parts…" 

  3. Charles Cameron Says:

    I envy you the series, which I’ve seen briefly…
    Many years ago I won $50 second prize in a poetry competition. I was poet-poor at the time, and could easily have spread it across a couple of weeks of sandwiches and coffee at the local hangout, but thought I should spend such a huge once-in-a-blue moon sum on one lasting thing of great worth.
    I bought myself A Pattern Language.

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