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HM Govt goes DoubleQuote in the Wild

[ by Charles Cameron — simple juxtaposition, a high-powered communications heuristic ]

Her Majesty’s Government (FCO) puts out what in my terminology is a DoubleQuote in the Wild:

Luke Coffey thinks it’s “brilliant” and wishes the US Department of State did likewise.


The “Pithy, simple, factual” part of the DQ is its direct juxtaposition of one text or image with another, inviting, allowing, begging tbe mind to make the appropriate leap from one to the other.

That leap can in fact be, as here, from “before” to “after” — but there are other leaps, other forms it can take:

  • question and answer
  • cause and effect
  • microcosm and macrocosm
  • form and function
  • reality (imitating) art
  • verbal and visual
  • sacred and secular
  • and many more. At times, as here, DoubleQuotes can be used to make a point, at times to raise questions — to compare and contrast, or to elicit and formulate analogies and metaphors.


    DoubleQuotes are found at the intersection between two ideas —


    — which is also the locus of significant creativity. The practice of building DQs is therefore practice in creativity, while DQs themselves are a powerful means of expressing creative insight.


    HMG, WTG!

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